What Do People Really Need in a Crisis?

Logistical help, not counseling. Great article by humanitarian aid expert Dr. Sheri Fink on Time.com about what the people of Japan really need right now.

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  1. I like the Time article, and agree with it, but I don’t quite understand Fink’s point that resilience and counseling are somehow mutually exclusive. As though counseling might somehow get in the way of a person’s ability to bounce back. Personally I found a couple of weeks of counseling helpful when I was grieving, and I have seen many people benefit from it. Not everyone wants or needs counseling or other forms of grief support. But I see no point in making counseling out to be detrimental, or a waste of energy, or something that we have somehow been brainwashed into thinking we need. Certainly after a traumatic even like the events in Japan, there is an entire population coping with stress and grief and trauma. The people affected will not have the luxury of dealing with the emotional side of those events now. But in years to come those emotions will need attention. And that fact is not a sign of weakness or a lack of resilience.

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